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What size of loom do I need to weave ___?

When I was deciding on a loom, I found it was hard to figure out what size of loom I needed to weave the kinds of things I was interested in - 16” seemed big enough for placemats, but some sources suggested at least 20”. So I looked up a bunch of patterns and came up with this list of common weaving widths, aka, the size of loom you need to make the item.

Why you (probably) shouldn't buy the biggest loom

Rigid heddle looms come in a variety of sizes, from 8” or even smaller to 48”. Some people are tempted when buying a loom to buy the biggest one they can find, so that they can weave anything. But my advice would be to find something large enough to keep you interested, but small enough to fit your life.

Why I love small rigid heddle looms, especially for beginners

No loom is the best for every project or situation, and I think that it’s easier to fall in love with a small rigid heddle loom than a bigger one.

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