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Beginner Rigid Heddle Weaving Project Ideas

These projects are all great ways to make useful items and experiment, when you’re first learning or learning a new technique. They can all be made with worsted or DK weight yarns with a 7.5 or 8 dent heddle.

Launching my free pattern - Beginner Houndstooth Border Coasters

When I was first starting out, I found it hard to find some basic projects which didn't seem too ‘nice’ for my 2nd warp, and also didn't want to run out and buy a new heddle right away.

What is Saori weaving, and is it something I can do on a rigid heddle loom?

Saori is a philosophy of creative expression through weaving developed by Misao Jo in Japan. It emphasizes developing individual creativity, embracing flaws, and making fabric that a machine can’t.

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