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How many shafts would you need to weave that pick up pattern?

It turns out it’s not so simple as saying that a number of pick up patterns on a rigid heddle loom equals a number of shafts, as the interactions are different.

How can you tell if you can weave a 3 shaft draft with just 1 pick up stick?

Designs using one pick up stick are a fun way to go beyond plain weave on your rigid heddle loom. One stick, left in place, lets you weave some, but not most, 3 shaft drafts.

How to convert a 3 shaft draft to weave with 1 pick up stick

Some 3 shaft drafts can be woven using 1 rigid heddle and 1 pick up stick. But given that a draft CAN be woven with 1 stick, HOW do you weave it?

Designing a Project using Not So Rigid Designer

I figured it was past time to show an example of creating and weaving a design using Not So Rigid Designer! Here's an example of one of my projects.

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