Not So Rigid Weaver

Musings on weaving on a Rigid Heddle Loom and beyond


Loom Spotlight: Inkle Looms

This post in the loom spotlight series covers inkle looms for weaving narrow bands compared to rigid heddle looms.

Loom Spotlight: Frame Looms

This post in the loom spotlight series covers frame looms for tapestry weaving, continuous strand weaving, and potholder looms, compared to rigid heddle looms.

How many shafts would you need to weave that pick up pattern?

It turns out it’s not so simple as saying that a number of pick up patterns on a rigid heddle loom equals a number of shafts, as the interactions are different.

Frugal Buyer's Guide for Rigid Heddle Weavers

So you've bought or are thinking of buying a rigid heddle loom, and are wondering what accessories to get? Here are my thoughts as a "frugal under-buyer".

Creating patterns out of pick up texture

Learn how to mix warp and weft floats with plain weave to create patterns in your rigid heddle projects!

Hacks for Tension

Sooner or later it will happen that you have a thread or two that's too loose. And eventually you may have a warp where it's quite a lot of threads! Here's some ideas for ways to deal with the problem.

Beginner Rigid Heddle Weaving Project Ideas

These projects are all great ways to make useful items and experiment, when you’re first learning or learning a new technique. They can all be made with worsted or DK weight yarns with a 7.5 or 8 dent heddle.

Weaving suppliers in Canada

This post helps you sort though the haystack of Canadian yarn stores to find the ones that sell weaving specific supplies.

Dealing with hanks of yarn

The first time I tried to use a hank of yarn, I didn't realize that they need some special attention, just started pulling, and quickly ended up with a tangled mess that I spent the next 3 evenings untangling and winding into a ball.

My First Few Projects

If you're looking to see what a beginner can do, or get some inspiration for your own beginner projects, you're in the right place! These are definitely not the prettiest things I'll ever weave, but this is where I started!