Not So Rigid Weaver

Musings on weaving on a Rigid Heddle Loom and beyond


Not So Rigid Designer: Now in Open Beta

Not So Rigid Designer is now in Beta! Come help test out the first software just for Rigid Heddle Weavers!

A few thoughts on sustainability and textiles on Earth Day

The modern fashion industry, and in particular so called ‘fast fashion’, produces a massive amount of waste, but as weavers there's ways we can reduce our impact!

Coming soon: The first Software for Rigid Heddle Weavers!

Not So Rigid Designer is a new online tool that lets you design pick up patterns in a format inspired by shaft loom drafts but adapted for rigid heddle looms.

What is a rigid heddle loom?

Rigid Heddle Looms are versatile looms that use a rigid heddle to weave fabric by moving the heddle up and down to create a space to pass a shuttle through.

How to convert a 3 shaft draft to weave with 1 pick up stick

Some 3 shaft drafts can be woven using 1 rigid heddle and 1 pick up stick. But given that a draft CAN be woven with 1 stick, HOW do you weave it?

How can you tell if you can weave a 3 shaft draft with just 1 pick up stick?

Designs using one pick up stick are a fun way to go beyond plain weave on your rigid heddle loom. One stick, left in place, lets you weave some, but not most, 3 shaft drafts.

Launching my free pattern - Beginner Houndstooth Border Coasters

When I was first starting out, I found it hard to find some basic projects which didn't seem too ‘nice’ for my 2nd warp, and also didn't want to run out and buy a new heddle right away.

When should you sample for your rigid heddle loom projects?

Some sources say you should always sample before starting a weaving project. But is that really necessary for rigid heddle weavers?

Heddle vs Reed vs Rigid Heddle

In rigid heddle weaving, you’ll see the terms heddle, reed, and rigid heddle used interchangeably, but, these can also be entirely different things on other kinds of looms.

Why the Cricket Quartet might not be the right choice for you

The Cricket Quartet is an attachment that converts the Schacht Cricket to a 4 shaft table loom; but here's why I don't think the Quartet is the killer feature some people make it out to be.